Unique System Advangages

1. Successful Conversion
Over 45 years experience with successful conversions, which is more than all other suppliers combined.
We will be pleased to send you our client list so you can compare with other services.
2. Training and support
Unlimited training and support
Local US and Europe support staff Training and support are available in the following languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.
Fast response time. Problems are corrected at once, unique in the IP software business.
3. Cost Advantage
A dedicated CPI programmer is assigned to your system to provide support, apply maintenance updates, etc., at no additional charge. Unlimited training and support is included at no additional charge.
4. Support all versions
We do not force our clients to upgrade.
5. Successful integration with other software
Elite, iManage, IPDAS, Microsoft Sharepoint, etc.
6. Quality of our software
We do not sell "vapor ware". All the features of our software work and are being used successfully by our clients.
7. Unique skill with public data
We have a unique skill to attach official electronic patent & trademark office data to your system to optimize your IP management.
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