About Us

CPI, with more than 45 years experience, is the oldest provider of IP systems. We are also the largest provider of IP systems. CPI has been under the same employee ownership since its founding in 1968. We are now owned and managed by two generations of CPI employees.

CPI unique advantages:

IP Systems

1. Included in the cost of our system is unlimited training and support in the use of the system. This results in your maximizing the return in your investment in CPI software and significantly increases the productivity of your patent organization.
2. Reliable and fast conversions. CPI has completed more successful conversions than all other suppliers combined.
3. Software quality. CPI software has evolved over 45 years with a stable US and European based staff of internal programmers.
4. We support all versions of our system. This means no forced upgrades. PC based and web (hosted by you or CPI) systems are available.
5. CPI uniquely delivers patent office data to you.

Annuity Service

Lowest cost annuity service due to the following:
1. Transparent costs for ease of cost management.
2. Unique data assurance using patent office electronic data to check your data.
3. Paperless annuity management.

Patent Data Audit Service

1. Improve the quality of your database or improve due diligence for acquisitions or divestitures.
2. Confirm current status, assignee and obtain assignment history.
3. Audit is available even if you do not have complete data.
4. Audit for missing cases is possible based on priority or assignee.

Real Time Patent Service

Electronic delivery of electronic patent office data to you. This service is independent of your system and does not require use of a specific system. Patent data is delivered to you for your published cases for over 80 countries.

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